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Free delivery on full priced items over $300 within Australia.
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Florina Tights

Opaque sheer knitting, soft waistband A floral pattern gives these tights a touch of cool elegance. 20 den / Matte look / Opaque sheer look / Foil yarn in black-black-silver / Soft waistband

Flora Tights

Opaque sheer knitting, stocking belt effect An interplay of opaque and sheer sections and floral design creating a stocking belt effect. 30 den / Matte look / Opaque sheer look / Knitted waistband

Minerva Tights

Extra-wide waistband, 500 studs Velvet de Luxe 66 tights with 500 decorative studs, applied by hand. 66 den / 500 studs / Matte and opaque / Extra-wide waistband

Clementia Tights

Shimmering effect, soft waistband Tights featuring a matte, shimmering effect and graphic pattern. 50 den / Soft, knitted waistband / Opaque and shimmering

Logo Script Backseam Tights

Logo-lettering, Matte look These tights feature an integrated backseam with logo-lettering in signature opaque sheer knitting technique. 20 den / Matte look / Soft waistband / Backseam-effect / Logo-lettering

Fides Tights

Cotton blend, matte look Small rectangles merged with the ultra-soft cotton blend create an even all-over design. 90 den / High cotton content / Matte look / Knitted waistband

Aurora Monogram Leggings

Recyclable, extra-wide waistband Leggings made from recyclable yarn, featuring an integrated logo design. 150 den / Matte look / Completely opaque / Cradle to Cradle certified at gold level / Knitted leg hem / Extra-wide knitted waistband

Phyllis Tights

Recycled yarn, matte look Soft net conjures blossoms from the waistband to the toe. Net made from recycled yarn / Individual cut option / Matte look / Seamless panty section / Sewn-on waistband with logo

Estelle Shine Leggings

Metallic shimmer, wide waistband Stretch, vegan leather, which is ultra-soft on the leg, fits like a second skin. Metallic shine combined with a classic cut. Vegan leather / Cut & Fix option / Machine washable / Wide waistband / Cut edges

Selene Tights

Metallic shimmer, over-the-knee-effect Ultra-soft, featuring interwoven foil yarn, these tights impress with the metallic look and over-the-knee effect. 80 den / Opaque with metallic shimmer / Foil yarn / Over-the-knee effect / Knitted waistband

Philomena Tights

Net design, matte look A stylish and playful large net look in the front featuring an opaque back. Matte look / Sewn-on waistband with logo / Seamless panty section

Luna Stay-Up

Backseam, soft stay-up band Delicate backseam, sewn in by hand. 20 den / Foil yarn in black/silver / 4 cm stay-up band / Backseam

Florina Stay-Up

Opaque sheer knitting, soft band The floral pattern provides these delicate stay-ups with cool elegance. 20 den / Matte look / Opaque sheer look / Foil yarn in black-black-silver / 4 cm stay-up band

Phyllis Knee-Highs

Recycled yarn, matte look Ultra-soft net conjures blossoms from the cuff to the toe. Net made from recycled yarn / Matte look / Wide cuff

Selene Knee-Highs

Metallic shimmer, knitted cuffs Ultra-soft and featuring integrated foil yarn, these knee-highs stun with their cool metallic look. 80 den / Opaque and shimmering / Foil yarn / Knitted cuffs