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Free delivery on full priced items over $300 within Australia.
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Florina Tights

Opaque sheer knitting, soft waistband A floral pattern gives these tights a touch of cool elegance. 20 den / Matte look / Opaque sheer look / Foil yarn in black-black-silver / Soft waistband

Flora Tights

Opaque sheer knitting, stocking belt effect An interplay of opaque and sheer sections and floral design creating a stocking belt effect. 30 den / Matte look / Opaque sheer look / Knitted waistband

Minerva Tights

Extra-wide waistband, 500 studs Velvet de Luxe 66 tights with 500 decorative studs, applied by hand. 66 den / 500 studs / Matte and opaque / Extra-wide waistband

Clementia Tights

Shimmering effect, soft waistband Tights featuring a matte, shimmering effect and graphic pattern. 50 den / Soft, knitted waistband / Opaque and shimmering

Logo Script Backseam Tights

Logo-lettering, Matte look These tights feature an integrated backseam with logo-lettering in signature opaque sheer knitting technique. 20 den / Matte look / Soft waistband / Backseam-effect / Logo-lettering

Fides Tights

Cotton blend, matte look Small rectangles merged with the ultra-soft cotton blend create an even all-over design. 90 den / High cotton content / Matte look / Knitted waistband

Phyllis Tights

Recycled yarn, matte look Soft net conjures blossoms from the waistband to the toe. Net made from recycled yarn / Individual cut option / Matte look / Seamless panty section / Sewn-on waistband with logo

Philomena Tights

Net design, matte look A stylish and playful large net look in the front featuring an opaque back. Matte look / Sewn-on waistband with logo / Seamless panty section


Lace design Floral dreams conjured from net. Two-tone, seamless knitted net, which is reminiscent of a denim look, enchants with its floral lace look featuring a free cut option. The sewn-on waistband with logo design sits comfortably at the waist and boasts the perfect fit. Individual cut / Seamless panty section / Matte look
$72.00 $90.00

Lurex Tights

$50.00 $99.00

Allure Tights

$50.00 $99.00

Rivet Tights

$150.00 $295.00

Net Tights

$50.00 $99.00

Pyramid Tights

Lovely lines: The special feature of these tights are their alternating opaque and sheer sections.
$50.00 $99.00

Stripes Tights

$50.00 $99.00

Comfort Cut 40 Tights

Versatile comfort, every day. These semi-sheer tights have been crafted from an extremely soft yarn. Together with the innovative adjustable waistband, they ensure perfect fit with a luxurious minimalist look. Adjustable waistband / Matte finish. Denier 40.

Ind. 100 Leg Support Tights

Carefully targeted style and support. Specially knitted for an invigorating effect, these completely opaque tights give you top-to-toe support all day long. Medium leg support / Knitted reinforced heel / Extra-wide soft knitted waistband with logo. Denier 100.

Luxe 9 Tights

Flawless and free. These ultra-sheer tights have a natural, barely-there feel. The unreinforced toe is almost invisible in sandals and peep-toes making these a favorite summer essential. Sandal toe / Elastane-free leg area / Soft knitted waistband with logo / Sewn-in panty. Denier 9.

Luxe 9 Toeless Tights

Summer sensation. These ultra-sheer, toe-free tights are barely visible for a flawless look. The discreet toe loop means feet are free to shine in sandals and peep-toes. Cool comfort for those warmer days. Free toe / Elastane-free leg area / Soft knitted waistband with logo. Denier 9.

Pure 50 Tights

An innovative everyday indulgence. These soft and seamless matte tights have comfort like no other. Smoothly bonded panty without noticeable seams is perfect under skin-fitting clothes. The soft extra-wide waistband embraces without cutting in. Bonded seams for invisibility under form-fitting clothes / Super soft / Soft knitted waistband with logo. Denier 50.

Twenties Tights

Cause a riot in these 1920s-inspired micro-net tights. With a seamless finish for great comfort, this striking pair will make you feel confidently feminine. Perfect with open-toe shoes / Sewn-on waistband with logo.

Individual 10 Back Seam

All the allure of 1920s glamour. These sheer, matte tights captivate with a superbly even look and classic back seam that make legs look sensational. Almost invisible toe reinforcement / Soft knitted waistband with logo. Denier 10.

Individual 5 Tights

Sensationally light and summery. Ultra-translucent with a silky matte finish, these must-have tights make legs feel cooler on warmer days. Almost invisible reinforced toe / Soft waistband with logo. Denier 5.

Individual 10

Elegance for every occasion.Comfortably soft with double entwined elastane for great fit and long-lasting flexibility. Almost invisible reinforced toe. Denier 10

Individual 50 leg support

Intelligent support for busy legs. These incredibly comfortable, matte opaque tights are the perfect companion whatever the weather. With even good looks and an invigorating effect, they keep you comfortable sitting or standing for long periods of time. Medium leg support / Soft knitted waistband. Denier 50.

Individual 10 control top

Everyday support and a barely there look. Thanks to an innovative knitting technique and high elasticity, these sheer tights with shaping panty sculpts the waist, tummy and butt for a smooth silhouette. Light shaping for the tummy / Reinforced toes for increased durability. Denier 10.

Sheer 15

Perfect for every occasion. Lightweight and sheer, these super-soft tights are great with open-toe shoes thanks to the discreet toe design. Sandal toe / Soft knitted waistband. Denier 15.

Individual 20

Perfectly balanced for style and comfort. These incredibly light, super-soft tights with a sheer matte finish are made with high elasticity for great fit and long-lasting flexibility. Reinforced toe for increased durability / Soft knitted waistband. Denier 20.

Synergy 20 Push-up

Fusing style with function. These sheer tights feature an innovative push-up effect for the butt and shape the thighs. Slimming and comfortable with a pearl shimmer finish. A welcome addition to day and evening outfits. Strong shaping effect for the butt / Almost invisible toe reinforcement / Soft knitted waistband. Denier 20.

Tummy 20 control top

Discreet comfort for everyday confidence. With a matte-translucent finish and lacy panty area that flattens the stomach, these multi-tasking tights revitalize the legs and have a reinforced toe for extra durability. Medium leg support / Strong shaping effect for the tummy / Individual 20 material in legs / Soft waistband with logo. Denier 20.