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Registering For and Managing Your Account

Great Shopping Made Even Better

It’s true—you can explore Elizabeth-K without an account. But why not make the absolute best of your shopping experience? By creating an account on one of these websites, you can store your payment, billing and shipping information for easier, quicker checkout on that website. You can also keep track of your order history, something that comes in handy when you want to reorder, or need to double-check what you gave your best friend for her birthday last year. And it gets better: with a registered account, you can also create and maintain a list of Favorites, so your wish list is always just a click away. Happy shopping!

Payment Information

By registering on, you can store your credit card information in your account. Important: your billing address must correspond exactly with the address on file at your credit card company.

Order History

As a registered account holder on, you can easily access your order history for purchases. Note that only purchases placed after creating an online account will be included on the list.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR ACCOUNT HOLDERS PRIOR TO 1 February 2021: For all users who created an online account at prior to 1 February 2021, due to operational changes made to the website, certain information that was stored in your “old” site account will need to be re-entered and reset, including your account password, as well as your payment information. Your address book, however, should still be included in your account. If you have any questions, please email us at

Forgot Your Password?

If you have forgotten your account password, please click on the Forgot Password link during the sign-in process. You will be instructed to reset your password via an email sent to the email address registered on your account, or by answering one or more security questions. If you choose to submit your email address, we will send you email containing a link to our site which you can follow to create a new password. Please leave the answer to your security question blank when resetting your password via the email link.

You may also contact WOLFORD on (02) 93274703 for assistance.

Last Updated: 1 February 2021