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Free delivery on full priced items over $300 within Australia.
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Selene Tights

Metallic shimmer, over-the-knee-effect Ultra-soft, featuring interwoven foil yarn, these tights impress with the metallic look and over-the-knee effect. 80 den / Opaque with metallic shimmer / Foil yarn / Over-the-knee effect / Knitted waistband

Florina Tights

Opaque sheer knitting, soft waistband A floral pattern gives these tights a touch of cool elegance. 20 den / Matte look / Opaque sheer look / Foil yarn in black-black-silver / Soft waistband

Flora Tights

Opaque sheer knitting, stocking belt effect An interplay of opaque and sheer sections and floral design creating a stocking belt effect. 30 den / Matte look / Opaque sheer look / Knitted waistband

Minerva Tights

Extra-wide waistband, 500 studs Velvet de Luxe 66 tights with 500 decorative studs, applied by hand. 66 den / 500 studs / Matte and opaque / Extra-wide waistband

Clementia Tights

Shimmering effect, soft waistband Tights featuring a matte, shimmering effect and graphic pattern. 50 den / Soft, knitted waistband / Opaque and shimmering

Logo Script Backseam Tights

Logo-lettering, Matte look These tights feature an integrated backseam with logo-lettering in signature opaque sheer knitting technique. 20 den / Matte look / Soft waistband / Backseam-effect / Logo-lettering

Fides Tights

Cotton blend, matte look Small rectangles merged with the ultra-soft cotton blend create an even all-over design. 90 den / High cotton content / Matte look / Knitted waistband

Aurora Monogram Leggings

Recyclable, extra-wide waistband Leggings made from recyclable yarn, featuring an integrated logo design. 150 den / Matte look / Completely opaque / Cradle to Cradle certified at gold level / Knitted leg hem / Extra-wide knitted waistband

Phyllis Tights

Recycled yarn, matte look Soft net conjures blossoms from the waistband to the toe. Net made from recycled yarn / Individual cut option / Matte look / Seamless panty section / Sewn-on waistband with logo

Estelle Shine Leggings

Metallic shimmer, wide waistband Stretch, vegan leather, which is ultra-soft on the leg, fits like a second skin. Metallic shine combined with a classic cut. Vegan leather / Cut & Fix option / Machine washable / Wide waistband / Cut edges

Philomena Tights

Net design, matte look A stylish and playful large net look in the front featuring an opaque back. Matte look / Sewn-on waistband with logo / Seamless panty section

Luna Stay-Up

Backseam, soft stay-up band Delicate backseam, sewn in by hand. 20 den / Foil yarn in black/silver / 4 cm stay-up band / Backseam

Florina Stay-Up

Opaque sheer knitting, soft band The floral pattern provides these delicate stay-ups with cool elegance. 20 den / Matte look / Opaque sheer look / Foil yarn in black-black-silver / 4 cm stay-up band

Phyllis Knee-Highs

Recycled yarn, matte look Ultra-soft net conjures blossoms from the cuff to the toe. Net made from recycled yarn / Matte look / Wide cuff

Selene Knee-Highs

Metallic shimmer, knitted cuffs Ultra-soft and featuring integrated foil yarn, these knee-highs stun with their cool metallic look. 80 den / Opaque and shimmering / Foil yarn / Knitted cuffs


Wolford classic with a trendy update. These leggings, made from the same supple, shimmering material as our legendary Satin Touch 20 Tights give the winning finishing touch to endless summer looks. The wide waistband featuring a logo and knitted selvage guarantee exceptional comfort. 20 den / shimmering look. Denier 20.

Scuba Leggings

Slightly shimmery and highly flexible. These opaque leggings move with your body, giving you complete freedom and effortless everyday style. Machine washable / Shaping fit / Can be worn as trousers / Gusset-free finish.

Estella Leggings

These leggings bring a touch of cool to any look. Finished with a seam detail above the knee, these vegan leather leggings are flexible in length and move with your body for all day comfort. Machine-washable / Adaptable length / Seam up the inside and outside of the leg / Gusset-free finish.

Pyramid Tights

Lovely lines: The special feature of these tights are their alternating opaque and sheer sections.
$50.00 $99.00

Net Tights

$50.00 $99.00

Stripes Tights

$50.00 $99.00


Lace design Floral dreams conjured from net. Two-tone, seamless knitted net, which is reminiscent of a denim look, enchants with its floral lace look featuring a free cut option. The sewn-on waistband with logo design sits comfortably at the waist and boasts the perfect fit. Individual cut / Seamless panty section / Matte look
$72.00 $90.00


Made of vegan leather, jersey & tulle A perfect execution of this ‘on-trend’ look. These leggings, made from smooth jersey, are the perfect stylish twist for many outfits, featuring inserts made from vegan leather and tulle. The stretchy waistband, made of vegan leather, ensures a marvelous fit. Form fit / Washable
$248.00 $310.00


Light shaping The must-have piece for the season. This alternative take on classic leggings, made of stretchy, soft, vegan leather is a real winner with its additional shaping function. Thanks to its Free Cut option, the length can also be individually altered to taste, while the side seams and wide waistband enhance the shaping function. Light shaping / Form fit / Cut & Fix / Washable / Cut edges


Comfortable glamour For a majestic look. These pleasantly soft tights feature opaque and sheer sections. Around 640 hand-applied sparkling Swarovski crystals ascend the leg. The knitted waistband provides a perfect fit. 60 den / Matte sparkling look
$250.00 $330.00


From day to night The perfect look and feel. Opaque and sheer sections create a cool floral design featuring sporty contours. The elastane knitted into each row and extra-wide knitted waistband ensure optimal comfort and a perfect fit. Trend detail: a knitted-in [W] logo above the cuff.
$228.00 $285.00